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We Create. You Experience.
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Care for details that make the difference.
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More than 35 years experience in tourism.
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Amarita is a travel craftsman.
The result of a passion, that of travel and discovery.

Private Tours in South-East Asia.

Amarita’s travel proposal provides a combination of the best sites and experiences that are outside of the mass tourist routine. The approach leans more towards the authentic aspect of each country and their people.

You will find with our Private Tours in South-East Asia the approach that we take in discovering the region is by the content, which is full of suggested and tempting visits, activities and options. These tours are fully suited and tailored to your personal needs.

Away from the towns, and the better known landscapes and highlights that you would have read in travel documents or seen in travel magazines and television reports, there are many other aspects of local life that remain to be discovered and which are equally captivating.

Credit of this Video to Silentjames on Vimeo, Audio – Xavier Rudd « Introduction »

So, by approaching Amarita in Cambodia you will be put directly in contact with professional people who live their daily lives in country throughout the year or in adjacent countries as well as being in touch with the locals, who cherish their own country with its culture and traditions.

Our programmes can be taken as they are or modified to include experiences suited to your own personal needs. Our hands-on work is more of a crafted proposal rather than the standard ready to use format. Our desire is to give you free space for your imagination, to help you fulfill your dreams by putting together the perfect visit.

In order to be practical we will present the timetable for our tours, according to their duration, in four different segments with an additional one offering themed visits. There again the range of proposals is ample: trips for family, group, sports, cultural, gastronomic…

Amarita, in addition to its customized package tours in South-East Asia, is also specialized in luxury tours managed by a team of experts that are constantly in touch with the best hotels, the most competent guides and with the more reliable suppliers of quality. This is a separate function requiring a full and continuous commitment to ensure that the product delivered meets the expected quality standards.

For our private and customized tours to South-East Asia we do not display prices as we give an individual quotation on each request that is calculated and based on all the parameters that have been requested from us: inclusive of dates and length of stay, number of guests, availability of meals, children and so on.

Cambodia moto tour

  • Itinerary : Cambodia
  • Travel Time : None
  • Go for moto tour
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Aman Resorts Special

  • Intimacy and discretion
  • The most refined quality of services
  • The top of luxury hotels
  • Dream Establishments
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South-East Asia Honeymoon

  • Indochina Honeymoon
  • All you can get
  • For a Honeymoon Travel
  • And even More
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Photo Tour

  • Itinerary : South East Asia
  • Travel Time : None
  • Going for Photo tour
  • Coming back as a photographer
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Eco-tour in Cambodia

  • 11 Days/10 Nights
  • Eco tour activities
  • Respect for environment
  • Help to local populations
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  • Discover flavors
  • Restaurants, menus
  • Cooking Classes
  • Selected for you
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In the footsteps of the Khmer Empire

  • 11 Days/10 Nights
  • A fabulous story
  • A journey into space and time
  • Mystery and fascination
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Cambodia Prestige

  • 8 days/7 nights
  • Luxury hotels
  • The islands, the beaches
  • National flights, helicopter
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Angkors Temples

  • 10 days/9 nights
  • Temples, and more temples
  • Spectacular sites to visits
  • Total immersion
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