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South-East Asia Long tours

Amarita has not forgotten to pay special attention to the more seasoned traveller wishing to visit a country or a region in depth and to take the necessary time to do it. Hence the Major Tours of Cambodia has been formulated.

Our Cambodian tour is quite symbolic. Especially known for the temples at Angkor the country is only just beginning to generate interest in its entirety. However it conceals aspects and sites that are quite extraordinary and at the same time remaining totally unknown and unexpected which, without doubt, deserves some time to be spent on them.

Cambodia provides an incredible range of picturesque places and centers of interest from its Azur seas and white sandy beaches to its mountains shrouded in mist, passing through plains which offer a magnificent landscape of paddy fields peppered by tall sugar palms. The people with their rich cultural heritage which can be found everywhere is not only expressed in the stone temples but also along the Mekong River, on the great Tonle Sap Lake and in the hills inhabited by ethnic minorities. In addition other possible activities are on offer during a stay in Cambodia that are infinitely vast and varied. Here, without exhausting the list, are some pointers and suggestions that are possible to do and see.

By water. One not to be missed and which can be covered in different ways from the Sunset trip (on the Mekong river in Phnom Penh or along the Angkorean moats in Siem Réap) to a cruise covering several days between Siem Réap, Phnom Penh and Saigon. Not forgetting of course the islands lying off Kep or Sihanoukville, ideal for daily excursions or an extended beach resort stay.

Countryside and local wildlife. Although plagued by problems of deforestation (particularly in Ratanakiri) and the constant increase of human pressure on the environment, Cambodia still contains many species in danger of extinction. Some are free to roam, others are in protected areas. The freshwater dolphins (also known as Irrawaddy dolphins) are among the best known. You can spot them, by boat, near Kratie, preferably in the morning or in the evening. Also there’s a large park to the south of Phnom Penh that keeps animals recovered from poachers and traffickers. Among them tigers, elephants and gibbons which gives an overview on the extent of the traffic of certain species of Cambodian wildlife that is currently being lost.

Other possible activities. Spending more days on site also means more time to live the life of a traveller and of seeing the country in a different way. Maybe to experience familiar activities in a totally new context or to discover new ones. In the first instance you can perhaps do a guided visit of the temples by bike (half-day or full day, with vehicle back up), or take a horseback or quad bike ride to see the rice fields and villages, or take a helicopter flight to have a scenic view of the Tonle Sap lake and the temples around Angkor, or even take a course on Cambodian cuisine. A second idea is to learn how to make the leather figurines used for the theater of shadows or to just learn the basic movements that form the basis of the traditional Apsara dance or even to initiate yourself in the art of pottery.

Once again these are only a few examples amongst many others.

Amarita’s team is eager to make you discover the wonders of Cambodia.

Explorateurs du Mékong

  • 17 jours/16 nuits
  • Au fil de la « Mère des Eaux »
  • Sur les pas des grands explorateurs
  • Jusqu’au temple d’Angkor
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Three weeks in Cambodia

  • 21 jours/20 nuits
  • La nature, les hommes
  • Une variété de paysages insoupçonnée
  • Un dépaysement total
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